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Full-Time Fitness is an adult (21+), 24-hour fitness &  personal training facility and we take great pride in being the most comfortable, clean & inviting fitness center in Morristown. We offer the perfect environment for both exercisers & non- exercisers to practice their fitness together, without the distractions of your typical big-box, warehouse-style gym.  Full-Time Fitness member policies guarantee a pleasant and productive exercise experience for each and every member.

Full-Time Fitness is conveniently located in the heart of Morristown just feet from The Green & is private, safe & secure.

Full-Time Fitness is different from other gyms because we’ve created an environment that truly is conducive to success & less distracting: The atmosphere at Full-Time Fitness is comfortable & non-intimidating with an abundance of natural light, live plants & greenery, staff that are understanding & sensitive to each member and their individual concerns, and a professional client base that is equally committed to achieving their own personal best, whether their goal is weight-loss, post-rehab exercise, functional performance or any other fitness, performance or health related goal.  We believe that once you commit to change everything else comes easy!

Our membership base consists primarily (75%) of young (between the ages of 21-45), professional men & women that either work or live in Morristown, NJ.  Roughly 20% of our membership is 55 and older.  41% of our members are women & 20% of our members joined as a couple.  1 in 4 members work regularly (at least weekly) take advantage of personal training for: weight loss, building muscle, toning & small group training.

We’re also the perfect environment for couples and families who prefer to work on and develop their fitness together for which, the club is perfect.

Our personal training programs are individualized & customized to meet each clients unique exercise habits & fitness / lifestyle balance.  Our personal trainers are all certified, successfully experienced & their primary goals are safety, efficiency & success.

One of the many aspects that our members love is the fact that our locker rooms are so perfectly suited for those who need to shower before heading to work.  Our locker facilities are equipped with floor-to-ceiling tiled showers (steam showers built-in), private lockers, free towel service and each locker room is stocked with quality toiletries & personal bathroom needs.  We tell our members that you only need to bring your toothbrush, toothpaste & change of clothes…Full-Time Fitness stocks only name brands in our locker rooms…not cheap hotel-brand soaps, conditioners, shaving creams, etc..

Full-Time Fitness is family owned & owner operated.  We do business the old-fashioned way…honestly & honorably…we’ve built our reputation on it!


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