The American Council on Exercises's Orthopedic Exercise Specialist certification provides your FitPro with a great understanding of the structure and function of major joints, common musculoskeletal conditions, and the general treatment clients will receive from orthopedic specialists.

ACE OE Certified Trainers are able to develop exercise programs and incorporate progressions that address muscle imbalances, prevent injury, and improve movement patterns, muscular strength and endurance.  When necessary, your FTF FitPro will communicate directly with your current or previous Physical Therapist to ensure that they have the proper guidance when dealing with a client who is post-therapy.

The ACE OES FitPro has an advanced understanding of post-rehab exercise programming and exercise selection.  This certification allows your FitPro the ability to speak directly to a current or previous injury, and take the appropriate action to help the body recover and prepare for greater stresses and ranges of motion.