Corinne Macaluso is a(n):

American Council on Exercise
Certified Personal Trainer

American Council on Exercise
Certified Orthopedic Exercise Specialist

Functional Movement Screen
Functional Movement System - Level 1 Specialist

Corinne's background in Orthopedic Exercise and Functional Movement provides her with a unique skill-set, enabling her to establish a responsible baseline of a client's movement patters when programming their workouts.  This experience is instrumental when assessing a client's functional strength, functional mobility, and functional thresholds - guaranteeing an appropriate approach to any and all exercisers, young or old, novice or veteran.

"I've learned that clients need to trust their trainer, to trust that they're giving them the right exercises at the right times and for the right reasons.  I love helping people get stronger, move more freely, and feel better about themselves.  It's important to me that my clients learn the why, the what, and the when of their fitness programming."

Corinne's approach is deliberate, scientific, easily understandable, and unquestionably effective.  First-time exercisers as well as seasoned athletes benefit greatly from her Functional Movement background, and she packages it in a such a way that makes training with her not only fun and effective, but educational, as well.

"Inexperienced exercisers enjoy my workouts because I help them move better.  Athletes find value in my programs because I make them better, faster, more agile, and stronger.  And experienced exercisers love my programming because I can help them understand the science of human movement better, making the workouts they've done more effective, less time-consuming, and safer."

Corinne's understanding of human movement science, the kinetic chain, and functional movement patterns allows FTF to add a new dimension to our training programs.  Corinne is tremendous asset and her knowledge is indispensable to not only her own clients, but to the general membership of FTF, as well.