Frequently Asked Questions

When are your peak usage times?

The earlier in the week…the busier we tend to be.  Saturdays are typically busier than Sundays, late morning on weekends is generally the busiest.

Generally, we have three “rushes”:

Busiest time of day: Evening (6pm – 8pm)
2nd Busiest: Mid-Day (12pm – 1:30pm)
Least busy: Morning (5am – 8am)

Free Wi-Fi?

Yes, members have access to our Wi-Fi, free of charge.

Hassle-Free cancellations? I don’t believe you…

It’s true!  If you’d like to terminate your FTF membership…you can do it many ways, though the method most of our members prefer is the easiest…via email... Yes, you can cancel your membership via email.

How do members gain access to the gym?

After joining, each member is assigned an electronic key fob.  Members use their key fob to unlock the door and enter the gym, even during staffed hours.


No problem!  We do have private, on-side parking available... and we also validate parking in all 5 of the Morristown Parking Authorities parking garages... the Anne St garage is literally 20 feet from our door!

Does FTF have locker & shower facilities?

Yes, we do. Our locker rooms are designed so that you don’t have to think about anything other than showering, changing & getting back on your way. As a service to our members, we keep each locker room stocked with fresh towels, name-brand toiletries (liquid body wash, shampoos, conditioners, colognes, Q-Tips, disposable razors, shaving cream, hair spray, etc.). There is also plenty of lockers for you to store your valuables while you exercise, locks included.

How often do you clean & sanitize the equipment?

Twice daily. We take great pride in being the cleanest, most sanitary health club that you’ve ever been to. Our staff cleans & sanitizes our exercise equipment at least twice each day.  We do have cleaning stations throughout the facility and encourage our members to clean up after themselves, everyone respects the gym as if it were their own. We use bleach cleaning products to sanitize our showers twice-daily & as needed, as well.

How safe & secure is FTF, really?

FTF is very safe and secure. Every inch of the exercise rooms, lobby & front door area is covered with security cameras that record every movement within the facility every second of every day. These cameras are remotely viewable & the data from the daily recordings are securely kept off-site.

Each day we reconcile check-in’s with the video footage to insure that each member is complient with our Zero-Tolerance - Members Only policy.

Does Full-Time Fitness have a Referral Rewards Program?

As a matter of fact, we do! For every person that joins as a result of a referral you make, you will receive 2% off your monthly membership rate for the life of your membership. This program enables you to save up to 10% of your monthly fee (max 5 referrals).

I’m interested in Personal Training only, do I need to buy a membership, too?

Not at all.  Though, most of our personal training packages include a no-contract, unrestricted 24-hour membership.

I know members need to be 21 or older to join... is there an age restriction on personal training?

There is no age restriction on personal training.  Anyone of any age is able to work with a trainer.