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Jessica Azzati is an:

NASM - Certified Personal Trainer


Jessica has over fourteen years of experience as an NASM Certified Personal Trainer.  Having trained and coached hundreds of clients to lose weight, get stronger and become more self-confident, she has a very successful and very practical program structure.  Jessica takes a genuine interest in each of her clients’ programming, and that becomes clear from the very first conversation.  

“Jessica has been great to work with. She contacted me almost immediately and applied everything that she garnered from that conversation to my assessments and workout program.”

Jessica apprecaites that each person who makes the decision to work with her does so for different reasons: some clients need a cheerleader, someone to believe in them and show them the road to success – others emphasize the accountability that she insists from each of her clients. 

“My greatest contribution is the personal improvement of those who trust me with their body and mind.  By broadening their definition of fitness to include strengthening their body, mind, and energy. "

She’s infectiously charismatic, naturally empathetic, and refreshingly down to earth.  She has a great deal of experience working with clients who consider fitness and personal achievement to be critical, and need a professional to navigate the informational, emotional, and operational fitness landscape.


"My mission is complete when I see my clients not give up on themselves and gain the inner and outer strength to face life without fear of failure."