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Gym memberships have never been easier, or more convenient!  We have five usage-options to choose from, and they all include 24-hour access on weekends and Holidays.
Enrolling takes less than 10 minutes, terminating takes less that one.  

Choose from one of the following memberships, they're all 3-month agreements, month-to-month, thereafter.

Membership Options

Unlimited Fitness Membership (24/7 Access)

Our Unrestricted 24-Hour Membership is just that…24/7/365 access. Members who take advantage of this membership type enjoy the greatest amount of convenience. If flexibility is a priority, this option has you covered.

Mid-Day Fitness Membership (Off-Peak)

This membership option allows for Mid-Day Off-Peak weekday check-ins between the hours of 10:00am – 4:00pm, Saturday & Sunday access is unrestricted (24 hour).  This membership is perfect for those who might work in Morristown & can use the facility during the mid-day or lunch hours.  The weekends allow for unlimited access, without restriction.  There is a nominal charge for each check-in outside of the 10:00am – 4:00pm usage window.

Half-Day Fitness Membership

Our Half-Day Membership is an excellent option for members who typically exercise in the mornings, or during the first half of the day. This membership allows for check-ins between midnight & noon, Saturday & Sunday access is unrestricted (24 hour). There is a nominal charge for each check-in outside of the midnight to noon usage window.


The Weekend Only membership option is popular among members who live in Morristown, but spend most of their time during the work-week away from town.  The Weekend Only option allows for unrestricted, 24-hour access on Friday, Saturday & Sunday.  There is a nominal charge for each check-in that occurs on any day, other than Friday, Saturday or Sunday.

Midnight (Off-Peak)

We understand that due to the nature of business within Morristown may prohibit some exercisers from using our fitness center during normal business hours.  If you often work very late and hope to find a membership option that accommodates your long, late work schedule…then this membership might suit you best.  The Midnight Membership is a special membership option that allows for weekday check-ins between midnight & 5am, Saturday & Sunday access is unrestricted (24 hour).  There is a nominal charge for each check-in that occurs outside of the midnight – 5am time usage window.

Membership incentives for:

Family Members (21+) | Seniors (62+) | Corporate Groups 5+ | Government & Municipal Employees | Military/Police/Fire/EMS | NJEA Educators | Atlantic Health Employees | RevHealth Employees | Fox Rothschild

Health Insurance Subsidies

Most health insurance providers offer some incentive or subsidy for a gym membership.  Full-Time Fitness makes it as easy as possible for you to claim your incentive by submitting the necessary verifications to either the member, or to their plan provider.  We also work directly with the incentive offices for eligible NJ Blue Cross Blue Shield and for United Health insurance plans.  Contact your health insurance carrier to verify your eligibility, then give us a call.  We'll take care of the rest!