Anna Rusinskaia is a:

WITS - Certified Personal Trainer
WITS - Special Populations Program Design Specialist


Anna's creative approach to fitness has catapulted her from intern to FTF's most sought-after trainer in just under two years.  

"I develop my clients' programs in a way that best leverages their strengths - ensuring that my clients feel successful in everything that they do."

Anna's energetic, supportive, and naturally empathetic personality is magnetic.  Each workout includes something different so things never get stale.

"...she always incorporates new and interesting elements.  Anna knows when and how far to encourage me, and she really pushes me to get the most out of the workouts, within my abilities - very positive!" 
Alex M.

The type of client that Anna most enjoys working with is "the client that is willing to trust me and trust my expertise... one who may not be sure of their potential, but is willing to work hard in order to achieve their goals."

Anna believes that everyone is capable of so much more than they often give themselves credit for.  "I want my clients to see just how great they really are, I design my programs so that it becomes obvious to them."


"I love what I do, I find it rewarding.  I am patient, I listen to what my clients tell me, and I pay attention."

“ I currently meet with Anna twice per week for a half-hour session and it makes all of the difference in my workout plan. We have a terrific rapport, and she creates unique routines for me for each session, paying attention to my needs and goals. I know my success at getting back to better shape would be much reduced without her involvement”
— Bob E. - 59