Casey's patient and pleasant approach to training earns her the admiration and respect of her clients.  Casey is very deliberate in her instruction, and uses a unique blend of strength training, Tabata, HIIT, and functional training in her clients' programming to ensure that her workouts are always challenging, always fresh, and always engaging.

"Casey is awesome at getting me out of my comfort zone and introducing me to new methods and motions.  Her patient demeanor is distinctive, and a welcome part of our relationship.  She takes the time to ensure that I'm doing everything properly (and safely!), but turns up the heat when she feels that I'm slacking." Cassie S.

Casey Garofalo's upbeat attitude and infectious energy make it easy for her clients to engage in the task at hand and serves as a needed reassurance when clients are just getting started with their program,
or working to break through plateaus.

"Something that I am always very proud of is when a client tells me how comfortable they feel with me and how appreciative they are that I explain and demonstrate movements thoroughly. I never want a client to feel unsure of themselves or that they can't do something, regardless of their fitness experience level."

Casey's programming model ensures a high EPOC (metabolic after-burner effect), and her experience ensures proper program modifications for things like: shoulder/hip surgeries, chronic back pain, past sports injuries, etc.

Casey is extremely knowledgeable, motivating, encouraging and energetic. She takes the time to demonstrate and explain the exercises and how to execute them properly. When I train with Casey she makes me feel as though I’m the only person in the gym, she gives me her undivided attention.

Casey is a fantastic motivator and challenges me to do my best during every session.
— Stephanie W.