Derek’s weight-loss journey has inspired him to find an outlet to help others overcome their mental obstacles, while his deliberate and focused approach is among his greatest strengths.  Derek’s interest and understanding of the psychology of exercise differentiates his training approach from other trainers and provides his clients with an enormous advantage when facing obstacles to their fitness goals.  

“Contrary to many people’s belief, the mind and body are not mutually exclusive.  Increasing your physical well-being will increase your mental well-being and vice versa.  I believe that living a physically fit life contributes to living a fulfilled life – and that living a fulfilled life is difficult without being physically fit.”

Derek’s scientific approach is seamlessly prescribed and easily understood.  With his attention to detail, the small things that are often overlooked by most trainers are effortlessly acknowledged and remedied. 

“When working with a client, my greatest accomplishment is helping them learn their ‘why?
Far too often, we know what we want to do, but haven’t yet uncovered why it’s important to us. I see value in understanding the motivation for a particular goal because it’s that motivation that becomes the fuel for your workouts and a catalyst for lasting change.”

Derek has earned an industry-leading personal training certification through NASM and excels at the program design and implementation component of his clients’ fitness programming.