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Eric Reyelt is a(n):

International Sports Sciences Association
Certified Personal Trainer - Level III

Precision Nutrition
Certified Fitness Nutrition Counselor - Level I

Certified Trainer - Level II

Certified Gymnastics Trainer

International Kettlebell Sport & Fitness Academy
Certified Kettlebell Sport - Level I & II

Kettlebell Systema
Certified Long-Cycle Technical Coach

Orange Kettlebell Club
Certified Kettlebell Instructor - Level I

Kettlebell Athletics
Certified Kettlebell Instructor - Level I

Certified Indian Club Specialist

Certified Indoor-Rowing Specialist

Eric’s 25 years of personal training and coaching experience makes him FTF’s longest training FitPro. He leverages his industry tenure with his myriad credentials to create responsible, challenging, and holistic fitness programming for all of his clients. Among his laundry list of credentials - Eric is New Jersey’s Top Kettlebell Authority, an Indian Club & Indoor Rowing Specialist, as well as a Certified Level 1 Fitness Nutrition Counselor.

“If there’s only one thing that I want my clients to know is - The greatest factor in any successful fitness program is consistency. It doesn’t have to be the same program every day, as long as you’re doing something to improve your fitness, flexibility, strength or endurance - you’re moving forward… so do that - “something” every day.”

Eric’s approach is deliberately functional, easily understandable, and unquestionably effective.  First-time exercisers as well as seasoned athletes benefit greatly from his ground-up approach, and he packages it in a such a way that makes training with him not only fun and effective, but challenging and educational, as well.

"Inexperienced exercisers enjoy my workouts because I help them feel stronger and more confident. Athletes find value in my programs because I make them better, faster, more powerful, and stronger. And experienced exercisers love my programs because I can help them incorporate more complicated movements, execute them properly and understand the importance of the more dynamic and core-centric exercises that are important for everyone, making the workouts they've done more effective, less time-consuming, and more functional."

He is a competitive Kettlebell Sport athlete and is a student under 5 time world champion in Kettlebell Sport and Honored Coach of Russia Sergey Rudnev. Eric was a member of the first US National Team that competed in the World Kettlebell Lifting Competition in Tyumen, Russia November 2013

Eric’s unrivaled experience and power-movement credentials allows FTF to add a new dimension to our training programs.  Eric is tremendous asset and his knowledge is indispensable to not only his own clients, but to the general membership of FTF, as well.