Attn: Members

Effective Immediately (3/16/20 @ 2pm)

Full-Time Fitness Is

as Directed by The Governor of New Jersey

As Directed by the Governor of New Jersey
Full-Time Fitness Will Temporarily CLOSE Until Directed Otherwise, and further notice is given.

We regret that members will not have access to the facility during the lockdown.

Our access system will be disabled and the door will be physically locked. We will remain unstaffed for the duration of the lockdown.

What Does This Mean for You?

Full-Time Fitness will immediately and indefinitely suspend
without penalties or fees.

All auto-drafted transactions will be disabled.

Once the mandated closure has been lifted, everything will pick up where it was left off. Training Packages will not expire, memberships will not be charged.

The Good News

All Members & Clients will have free access to our

Online Coaching & Remote Personal Training Program

Effective immediately and for the duration of the lockdown, we invite you to take advantage of this free training opportunity.

The platform is very easy to use, intuitive, and very effective.

The free programming will include general workouts that can be done with little to no equipment and can be modified to include the equipment you do have access to.

For individualized and specialized programming we are offering
30% Off
(New Online Training Clients Only)

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Please be safe, careful, and courteous. This is going to be a challenge for all of our compassion and empathy. We need to be neighborly, and use this as an opportunity to be our best for others.

We look forward to this passing and resuming normal business operations as soon as we’re able.

Blessings & Be Well

Matt Scarfo & The Wonderful FTF Team

March 8th, 2020

In light of the recent coronavirus concerns, below is our official CV policy –

Hey Team –

In light of the recent concerns regarding the coronavirus, it’s incumbent upon us to ensure that our staff, members, and clients can utilize the facility in the same way they’ve come to expect from Full-Time Fitness. One of our founding values is a clean and sanitary exercise environment for all. Incidentally, FTF has always sanitized the common club surfaces twice daily and bleached our showers twice daily.
It’s critical that we continue to diligently ensure that FTF upholds our responsibility to stand by our pledge, and deliberately work to keep our club as clean and sanitary as it ever was.

The sanitizer that we use in our sanitizing spray does, in fact, kill the coronavirus (among myriad other pathogens and viruses). It’s important to note that the effectiveness of the sanitizer is greatly reduced if it’s not used properly. To ensure that the sanitizer has the best chance at sterilizing the surface on which it is applied, the surface needs to remain wet with the spray for 10 MINUTES. The same is true for any commercially available sanitizer that kills the coronavirus.

Effective immediately, the following procedures (as redundant as they may be) will be our standard club sanitizing procedures and until further notice –

The following is to be done three times every operating day – After the morning rush, or immediately upon arrival in the morning. After the afternoon rush. And again, post evening rush or prior to the end of the closing shift.

Reception & Hospitality

1. Reception Area – All common surfaces within the reception area and behind the desk are to be wiped down with the Sani-512 diluted spray (our spray bottles) and left wet to dry on its own. This includes, but is not limited to: Phones, keypads, keyboards, mouse(s?), doorknobs and door handles (laundry room, front door – inside and out), pencil sharpener, fridge door, filing cabinet handle, printer touch screen, parking validator, cabinet handles, cash register, credit card machine, stools, vending machine keypad/vend doors/cc console, etc.

This is to be done three times each day – After the morning rush, or immediately upon arrival in the morning. After the afternoon rush. And again, post evening rush or prior to the end of the closing shift.

2. Common Club Surfaces – Dumbbell handles, Cardio handles, consoles, screens. All remote controls, front, and back. All vinyl pads – benches, seats, handles, etc. All adjustment knobs for all of the equipment. Olympic bars (2), curl bars (2), kettlebell handles, slam balls, medicine balls, shoulder pads, etc.

3. Locker Rooms – Bleach Spray Showers from the tiled trim line down (just higher than shoulder height. Bleach spray shower fixtures, and handles. Sanitizing spray – sinks, sink fixtures, sprays, bottles, shaving cream, moisturizer dispensers, other dispensers, benches, toilet seats, flush handles, stall handles, etc.

Additionally, please use your judgment when sanitizing surfaces. If it’s not listed above but is a common surface or a surface that could be frequently used/grabbed/rested on, these will need to be cleaned as well. When sanitizing, be sure to spray (and keep wet) a rag, and refrain from spraying the solution directly onto the surface you intend to clean.

I just sanitized the entire facility and it took me no more than 40 minutes to complete everything listed above. Please be sure to budget the appropriate amount of time so that this is done in a timely manner, and in addition to your regular responsibilities.

Personal Trainers

Effective immediately, please prepare a rag, sufficiently moistened with a sanitizer, from the beginning of any session and carry it with you throughout your session. Be sure to wipe each surface BEFORE and AFTER your client uses the equipment. This goes for handles, pads, seats, mats, etc. This is to be done regardless of a client suggesting that it’s not necessary. There is no need to use a new rag each time you wipe something down in that the sanitizer saturated rag is, itself, sanitized by the sanitizer.

Please be sensitive to the fact that, though some people put more importance on sanitary practices during the time the coronavirus is deemed a public health threat, it’s important to be consistent and treat it as though it were severe in its impact, and ubiquitous in its effect. That being said, please be wary of touching your face, blowing your nose, wiping your eyes, using the bathroom – it is now the position of the business to have all of our staff sanitize their hands after any such event, again, even if the member or client is indifferent to the act.

Our efforts need to be consistent, standard, visible, and diligent.

It’s important that the public know how important this is to us because it’s important to them.

Thank you for your cooperation and efforts to ensure that we create the safest, cleanest, and most productive exercise experience our members and clients could possibly have.

If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to let me know.

In Good Health

Matthew Scarfo
Full-Time Fitness