Laurie Trezza Female Morristown Personal Trainer Fulltime fitness

Laurie Trezza is a:

NASM - Certified Personal Trainer

Laurie is a bachelors-prepared registered nurse and an NASM Certified Personal Trainer.

Laurie’s medical background, and almost unbelievable story make her a tremendous asset to her clients, and provides each of them with not only a unique skill-set, but with the advantages of her unique experiences.

“I am genuinely grateful for each and every day that I am given. Tomorrow is not promised. I’m passionate about what I believe in, and I will inspire you to give 100% of yourself”.

Laurie’s passion with fitness and recovery start after a lengthy recovery from much needed bilateral knee replacements in 2013. Two knee replacements at the age of 40 forced Laurie to master responsible fitness, post-injury recovery, and proper programming for many joint-related issues - big and small. Laurie discovered pain-free movement- and never looked back.

“Laurie has given me my optimism back. She’s shown me that I can feel great, I can feel strong, and my only limitations are the ones I create for myself”

Today she focuses her efforts on wellness programs geared towards helping individuals, with joint replacements or not, and to remain in motion throughout the rest of their lives.

“I’ll talk to your wellness team - doctors, PT’s, chiros - and make sure that we’re all on the same page, working for you. Managing fitness is about working in cooperation with your team, not the team working in spite of each other.”

“I’ve finally found a trainer that gives me a program that works for me - not just for them. Laurie has been a breath of fresh air. I have signifiant knee pain, and playing tennis is important for me.

My workouts make me feel strong, they help me play better, and I simply feel better about my knee. I couldn’t be more pleased with my progress, it feels awesome!”
— R.B. - 46yo