Owner of FTF and Master Trainer 

Certified Personal Trainer
Optimal Performance Trainer (CPT - OPT)

Certified Corrective Exercise Specialist (CES)

Certified Performance Enhancement Specialist (PES)

Certified Fitness Nutrition Specialist (FNS)

Certified Weight Loss Specialist (WLS)

Lifestyle & Weight Management Specialist


Matt Scarfo's 20 years of experience, continuing education, and the scientific approach to his programming have proven to be a tremendous asset for each and every one of his clients.  

"My thorough understanding of the human body, human movement science, and training protocols allow me to offer my clients a complete and comprehensive fitness program, regardless of their experience, skill level, or pre-existing health issues."

Matt is a instructor for a nationally recognized personal trainer certifying organization - teaching other personal trainers new training methods & programming options while helping them better understand the science of fitness.  As a leader in the field, he's impassioned by helping others understand and apply both the fundamentals of, and advanced concepts of fitness.  Due to his expertise and experience, Matt's able to paint a clear and understandable picture for his clients of exactly what it takes for them to achieve their best.

"Matt Scarfo's immense and invaluable knowledge has been tremendously helpful.  He's incorporated so many elements into my fitness program, I'm not sure that any single trainer can compare.  His corrective exercise background has totally changed my posture (no more back pain or headaches), his athletic training background prepared me for my first (of many) Tough Mudders, his nutrition and weight loss knowledge helped lower my cholesterol and get me off of 3 different medicines, and I've lost over 40 lbs in 18 months.  Matt took ownership of my whole fitness program, and giving him the chance to do that has been one of the single best decisions of my life.

I've recommended him to numerous family and friends, as well as a number of my patients. He's the real deal." 

Dr. Stewart L.

Matt says, "I help my clients feel better about themselves, better about their bodies, and better about their future.  Over the course of my career, I've helped over 1000 clients live longer, feel better, and perform at a level that they never thought possible."

Matt enjoys working with new exercisers - teaching them proper technique and the fundamentals of fitness, empowering them with the confidence needed to effectively practice fitness for the rest of their lives.  He also loves working with seasoned exercisers who are already exercising at an increased level of ability and intensity.

*Availability is extremely limited.  Call for special package pricing*