NASM's Elite Fitness Nutrition Specialist certification.

As a FNS, your FitPro will teach you proper nutrition to ensure that you reach your fitness goals, whatever it may be.  Your FNS Certified FitProTrained to administer nutrition programs for: weight-loss, lean-muscle growth, performance enhancement, athletic performance, and nutritive eating.  

With so much nutritional and diet information at our fingertips, it's easy to get lost in this sea of conflicting information, inaccuracies, trends, and hearsay.

Your FNS Certified Personal Trainer will help you weed through all of this, help you learn what applicable and appropriate to your circumstances, and teach you how to incorporate this information in your fitness programming. 

A FitPro with a FNS Certification and nutrition background gives you a tremendous advantage when trying to live healthier, lose weight, build lean mass, prepare for a competition, or train for an event.