NASM's Elite Weight Loss Specialist certification.

Having the advantage of a Certified Weight Loss Specialist in your corner dramatically increases your chances for weight loss success due to the extensive training required to attain this industry-leading Weight Loss Certification.  Your WLS-Certified FitPro has a thorough understanding of: metabolism, caloric requirements, diets, training methods, and tools that are necessary for a trainer to prescribe, administer, and supervise a responsible weight loss program.

The NASM Weight Loss Specialization gives your personal trainer a tremendous leg up on other certified personal trainers when programming for weight loss.  Your WLS certified FitPro will lay out a clear and easy-to-follow program that is often reflective of their clients' eating preferences and current eating habits while implementing the proven tools and methods of the NASM WLS Program.

One of the NASM Weight Loss Specialist's advantages is their knowledge of when and how to incorporate different methods - and why the different training methods work. 

For many people struggling with weight loss, it's impossible to get clear answers to weight loss questions in the abundance of misinformation found on every magazine cover, fitness blog, and diet advertisement.  Much of this information is general, biased and incomplete.

Your WLS Certified Personal Trainer will help you weed through all of this, help you learn what applicable and appropriate to your circumstances, and teach you how to incorporate this information in your fitness programming.