Full-Time Fitness Personal Trainers are committed to excellence.

Excellent programming, excellent communication, and an excellent personal training experience. We understand that many of our clients have had substandard training experiences in the past, or are nervous about working with a trainer for the first time - we want to assure you that you're in expert hands, through and through.

This is Our Promise to You.

When you hire an FTF Personal Trainer, you're hiring an industry-leading Fitness Professional.
We've made a list of the things you can expect when you elect to have an FTF FitPro in your corner.
As Morristown’s leading fitness and personal training center, we have a great responsibility to our clients...
a responsibility that we take very seriously.

Our Commitments to You

  • Expect to be treated with respect, dignity, and professionalism.

  • Water & hand towels will be provided to you, as needed, before and during your training session. You’re welcome to bring your own water and towel, though they will be provided for you at the club.

  • Expect your FTF FitPro to maintain a current NCCA Accredited Personal Training Certification.

  • Expect your FTF FitPro to continue their education by attending workshops/seminars, reading industry literature, and practicing the methods they employ with their clients, themselves.

  • Expect your FitPro to be present and prepared to begin (and end) your session on time.

  • Expect your FitPro to give you their undivided attention during your scheduled session.

  • Expect your FitPro to responsibly program your workouts to account for any injuries, surgeries, or any other considerations necessary for a safe and effective workout.

  • Expect your FitPro to use all necessary and appropriate equipment as they relate you’re your ability level, and fitness goals.

  • Expect your FitPro to give you easily understood instruction and guidance. Your FitPro will go out of their way to ensure that you have safe, clear, and executable instructions on how, why, and when to perform the exercises they’ve included in your program.

  • Expect your FitPro to saftely and sufficiently manually stretch you, or guide you through proper stretching techniques as part of your session.

  • Expect your FitPro to be able to field general nutrition and dietary questions as part of your session.

  • Expect your FitPro to provide you with clear, written, and ability-specific workouts to do on your non-training days.

  • Expect your FitPro to read, understand, and interpret any fitness articles or blogs that you present to them for review.

  • Expect your FitPro to do their best to reasonably accommodate any unforeseen or emergent circumstances that affect your training schedule.

  • Expect your FitPro to keep accurate and accessible records as they pertain to: session counts & deductions, individual workouts that include sets/reps/weights/session notes, scheduling requests, etc.