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If knowledge is power, then Full-Time Fitness has the most powerful training team in the area.

FTF FitPros are leaders in their field, and true Fitness Professionals.
Our Personal Trainers maintain a robust list of personal training certifications - industry-leading certifications.


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Full-Time Fitness Morristown Personal Training and 24-hour gym

We take personal training very seriously…our trainers understand that trust, motivation, enjoyment & success are the cornerstones of any successful trainer-client relationship.  We know that fitness doesn’t come easily to everyone - not only do we take the guesswork out of fitness, we ensure that we match our expertise with our clients' individual learning style - thus encouraging the natural growth and adoption of a healthier, more enjoyable lifestyle.

Monthly Personal Training Packages

The ideal package for anyone who is motivated and serious about staying on track.
More economical than our Bulk Packages for those with a regular training schedule.
Packages are available for 1 - 4 sessions per week and include a free monthly, no-strings Unlimited Membership.


Bulk Personal Training Packages

Packages of 5, 10, and 20 sessions.
Packages of 10 & 20 sessions include a free 1 or 2 month Unlimited Membership, respectively
Ideal for clients with a relatively unpredictable, irregular schedule.

...Anna has exceeded all of my expectations. She is full of knowledge- yet continually learning new things- and brings an incredible energy that rubs off and motivates - she checks up on me on my days away from the gym.
...Matt Scarfo is the best in the business and a wizard with personal training.
He designed & lead me through my own targeted, tailor-made program.
He’s a leader, teacher, and motivator. If you’re serious about getting healthy, he’s serious about getting you there.
...Derek was so kind, caring, and supportive. His patience level is awesome. I was a beginner with a in-active lifestyle, and didn’t know much about working out - he thoroughly showed me how to perform the excerises. He actually made me love working out, and helped me lose over 20 pounds!
Casey is amazing! I’ve never felt so comfortable, so attended to, and so engaged working with a personal trainer. Her workouts are challenging - but not over my head. Her enthusiasm is incredible, and contagious.
I LOVE my time with her!
I’m stronger than I’ve ever been, leaner than I’ve ever been, and happier with my progress - more than I have ever been!


I've been training with Anna since I started working out, and she has been exceeding my expectations!  She focuses on my goals and what I want to accomplish, and makes sure that the exercises are geared towards those goals.  She is very knowledgeable and always comes up with new exercises for me to do.  Anna finds new ways to challenge me every workout, and I recommend her to everyone!"
Janice F.

"I began working with Matt Scarfo when I needed a FitPro to design my program and guild me through the workouts.  I have a number of injuries/issues - I wasn't comfortable going it on my own.  After the consultation, I was confident that I chose the right professional.  Matt's knowledge of the body, different training methods, and expertise in fitness nutrition have, time and time again, amazed me.  I've come such a long way, and been able to prove to myself that I'm capable of so much more than I thought.  Couldn't be happier (or more amazed).  Thanks, Matt... see you soon!"
Tina K.