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Guest Passes are FREE Every Friday

Short-term and temporary memberships are available., and are an excellent way to take advantage of a membership without a three month commitment.  These memberships include free parking, free WiFi, and free towel service.

*Click Membership Type to Expand

  • 30-Day Access


    30-Day Club Access. Simply add $15 to any of our monthly membership monthly rates and enjoy the same access for your selected membership type

  • Weekly Access


    7-Day 24-Hour Access. You'll get your own key to the gym, use it when you wish. If you join before the end of the 7th day, we'll credit you the $50.

  • Daily Access


    Our Day-Pass. Whether you're only in town for a day, or would like to switch things up, use our Day-Pass during FTF Staffed Hours. If you join that day, we'll credit you the $15.

  • Punch Card

    12.50/day - 10-Day min.

    Get a block of passes, use them whenever you like. Perfect for frequent family or business trips when you're in town a few days at a time. You'll get a key and enjoy 24 hour access.

Health Insurance Subsidies

Most health insurance providers offer some incentive or subsidy for a gym membership.  Full-Time Fitness makes it as easy as possible for you to claim your incentive by submitting the necessary verifications to either the member, or to their plan provider.  We also work directly with the incentive offices for eligible NJ Blue Cross Blue Shield and for United Health insurance plans.  Contact your health insurance carrier to verify your eligibility, then give us a call.  We'll take care of the rest!